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Strikes Risk 罢工险

W.A. / W.P.A (With Average or With Particular Average) 水渍险War Risk 战争险F.W.R.D. (Fresh Water Rain Damage) 淡水雨淋险Risk of Intermixture and Contamination 混杂、玷污险Risk of Leakage 渗漏险Risk of Odor 串味险Risk of Rust 锈蚀险Shortage Risk 短缺险T.P.N.D. ( Theft, Pilferage...

My name is Chunmei Liu

My name is Ming Li我叫刘春梅My name is Chunmei Liu我们到多伦多探亲,看看女儿一家,游览一下加拿大的风景。We are going to visit our daughter and her family in Toronto and go on a tour of Canada.我们打算在加拿大住5个月We are going to stay in Canada for 5 months.我们的行李是衣物,没有肉,有中国白酒2瓶Our luggages a...
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