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1.1.1.     基础设施 Infrastructure 为确保产品和服务合格,公司确定、配置和维护过程运行所需的基础设施。包括: To ensure qualified products and service, our company shall confirm, establish and maintain the infrastructure for process operation, which includes the fol...


淮阴厨卫产品说明书翻译样例加热超快 Super fast heating 火力强劲,只须5分钟就可以开锅了!还可以达到爆炒功能,比电磁炉,市面上的方烤锅快30%以上。 Strong firepower, and just 5 minutes can be boiled! It can also achieve the stir frying function, and compared with the induction cooker, the roasting pan on the...
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